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Objection against actions of Thammanoon Attachote

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TO:                             Director of Department of Special Investigation

SUBJECT:                Objection against actions of Thammanoon Attachote, et al

The persisted actions in stirring up the current states of affairs of the Klong Chan Credit Union Cooperative by Mr. Thammanoon Attachote and a few members of the Credit Union are detrimental to the overall wellbeing of the Credit Union. Mr. Thammanoon’s personal views and opinions, which he continually presented to news media, may have negatively impacted the Credit Union’s plans of recovery and also its efforts in regaining the faith and confidence of its members.


Letter from Thammanoon Attachote to members of Klong Chan Credit Union

Mr. Thammanoon is acting autonomously on his own. He does not represent the Credit Union nor the majority of its members. The mass majority of the members do not approve of his actions. His motive in building visibility is strictly for his own benefit. He gave no regard for the damage that may result from his actions. One case in point is the demeaning remark he made toward the supporters of Wat Phra Dhammakaya’s that their contribution of more than six hundred million Baht relief funds to the Credit Union was just a “pittance”. This unbecoming behavior is not only offensive to the people who have helped the Credit Union out of its crisis but it made them feel that their good deed has turned into a bad outcome.

What Mr. Thammanoon could have done is to protect the image of the Credit Union and regain confidence of the public. It is acceptable if he offered his suggestions to the team at the Credit Union and worked with them to collectively come up with positive solutions. Instead, he took upon himself to stir up the situation with complete disregard for the negative impact he might have caused the Credit Union. Mr. Thammanoon may feel that he had the right to do this, but he must also respect the right of others. The mass majority of the members want the Credit Union to regain its status as quickly as possible and be in a position to give maximum reliefs to its members.

If  Mr. Thammanoon and his people continue their actions in a way that they may bring negative impact to the Credit Union, the mass majority of the members of the Credit Union—those who are affected by Mr. Thammanoon’s and his people’s actions—will come together to oppose them and request the Credit Union to take appropriate action against them.

Please be advised accordingly that Mr. Thammanoon’s actions are his own. They do not represent the position of the Credit Union nor bind the Credit Union or its members in any way.

Respectfully yours,

(Signed:  Yupares Worawityanont)

Members of Klong Chan Credit Union Cooperative Who Love Peace



Freedom Watch InternationalObjection against actions of Thammanoon Attachote

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